Facts about true water lovers

Dec 31, 2021Mikkel Bechshøft
Facts about true water lovers

Back in November this year, we did our annual customer survey, 'Voices from the pond 2021'. We got more than 150 answers, loads of good ideas and requests and, above all, a lot of love. Thank you so much, fellow water lovers!

Here we share some surprising insights and eye-opening truths from the survey. 

One, two or three...
How many speedos does one need? Well, when we started, this question really bugged us. But now we know! Because you guys are a seriously water-loving crowd. You own 4,7 pairs of swim briefs on average, with almost 20% of you stocking 9+ pairs. Seriously...ten speedos or more! We love to sell you guys our POND1 Essential swim briefs, but may we suggest considering NOT buying if the drawer is already full 🌏

True speedo lovers
Sometimes wearing swim briefs can be a little intimidating. Maybe not to the Aussie crowd, but at least to some of us Northlings. However, almost 1/3 of you claim to be 'speedo-only-kind-of-guys' to which we can only bow our heads in respect. We need more of you guys in this world. Spread the love ✌️

Design before sustainability
We asked you what made you buy POND1 Essential swim briefs. Our focus on producing functional and responsible essentials for activities in and out of water is core to Pond Cph. But most of you are more concerned about the design, fit and features than buying responsibly. We understand - though we're a bit surprised. Naturally, nobody wants an ill-fitting pair of swimmers just because they claim to save the seas. That's why we aim to make the perfect fitting speedos with the lowest possible climate impact. 

Shorter or wider?
At Team Pond Copenhagen, we finished our Drop '22 design sprint at our friends Sauna by GoBoat just before Christmas. We will introduce POND1 Essential in new, dazzling colours, but up until now, we weren't sure whether our all-new style 'Pond2' should feature wider or shorter sides. But apparently, less is truly more! 64% of you would like to rock a pair of POND swimmers with shorter sides! And so it will be.  

Feb 11, 20220 commentsMikkel Bechshøft