Pond was born in Copenhagen, self-proclaimed harbour bath capital of the world, in 2021. Our founders include a former pro-swimmer, a lifeguard, a triathlete, and a sauna-addict all fed-up with uncomfortable, non-functional and unflattering swimwear for urban dipping.

We are driven by the emerging urban dipping culture forming in progressive cities around the globe. We believe that swimming in open water should not be limited to palm-fringed beaches or confined to the summer months. Nor do we adhere to norms and traditions when it comes to swimwear fashion. Our design approach combines Scandinavian simplicity with urban aesthetics, tailored for modern, confident city dwellers who seek functional and durable pieces for their active wardrobe. All our items are designed in Copenhagen and crafted from premium, recycled materials in Portugal. We are passionate about responsible production practices and carefully manage our production in small batches to prevent overproduction and to lower our overall impact.

See you in the pond!

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