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Our Responsibility

Pond Copenhagen is committed to producing functional and responsible essentials for activities in and out of water.

We acknowledge that being a truly sustainable clothing manufacturer is (almost) impossible. And we don't claim to be. Instead, we are continuously working to lower our overall carbon footprint from sourcing to delivery.

We urge you to take great care of your Pond1 Swim Briefs (and all of your clothing) to make them last that extra season. In the end, refraining from buying too much new stuff is the best we can do to preserve our local ponds.

45% lower carbon footprint

Pond1 Swim Briefs are made from Q-NOVA® regenerated nylon 6,6 fibre, obtained from at least 50 % pre-consumer waste materials such as production scraps from virgin nylon production. 

The Q-NOVA® fibre is produced in Italy with 45% lower carbon emissions and 39% lower water usage than virgin nylon fibre, making it the nylon fibre with the lowest environmental impact (certified by European LCA ISO 14040 and ISO 14044). The Q-NOVA® fibre is also EU Ecolabel, and Global Recycling Standard certified.

The nylon fibre is woven with regular elastane fibre and dyed with no toxics by our Spanish fabrics manufacturer. The final fabric holds OEKO-TEX 100 and Global Recycling Standard certifications. 

Made with solar energy

The final manufacturing takes place in Europe at a small family-owned factory specialising in high-quality swimwear. We reduce the risk of overproduction by producing low quantities, thereby lowering our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. The factory runs on nearly 100% solar energy and has a human rights policy that promotes socially responsible work practices.


Plastic-free packaging 

Plastics does no good in clothes packaging. So we don't use any poly bags, and only 100% recycled paper boxes and envelopes. Our prints are non-toxic and natural and do not hinder the recycling of the packaging materials. As a result, all our packaging is 100% recyclable. Please do! That part is on you :)

Not perfect, but working on it

Not all parts of Pond1 Swim Briefs can yet be sourced from recycled materials. This includes the tie cord, cord stopper, logo transfer and elastics. Instead, we have opted for long lasting materials to make your swim briefs last longer. And we will continue to push for more eco-friendly options from our suppliers.

Unfortunately, recycling of mixed fabrics is not possible at large scale yet. We follow the development closely and supports any mixed-fabric recycling initiatives. Until recycling is widely available, please keep and use your swim briefs an extra season or donate to a local charity (in that totally hypothetical situation that you should choose to part ways with your Pond1). 

We donate to clean harbours

Local ponds, harbours and oceans are filling up with plastic waste. And only very few harbours around the world are clean enough for public bathing. 

Inspired by the Patagonia-backed NGO 1% for the Planet, we donate at least 1% of annual sales to e.g. harbour cleaning initiatives, marine life preservation or local water activity initiatives. In the pursuit of getting even more people in the pond.

Each year we involve the Pond Community in deciding where to throw the coins. Join our newsletter and vote on who should get the donation. Let's save the ponds! 

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