"I used to have my reservations about wearing speedos, but..."

May 13, 2023Mikkel Bechshøft
"I used to have my reservations about wearing speedos, but..."

How do you typically spend your Sunday afternoons?

A perfect Sunday for me involves witnessing a beautiful sunset, sipping a cup of coffee, and relishing a day with no obligations. If I'm not working, currently as a journalist, I like to spend time in parks, drive to forests, or find peaceful places where I can either enjoy some quiet solitude or engage in meaningful conversations with friends. Sundays serve as a time for me to hydrate my mind and prepare for the week ahead.

Pond draws inspiration from the emerging culture of urban dipping in Copenhagen. How do you perceive the urban dipping culture?

Urban dipping is something I have grown to love! Prior to moving to Copenhagen, it wasn't a part of my life, but now it has become my preferred way of experiencing water. Since harbors are primarily designed for boats carrying cargo into the city, they aren't typically intended for swimming. So urban dipping in Copenhagen to me is kind of a “this was not what it was intended for, but we’ll make it work”. It connects the city in unexpected ways, adds another dimension to its character, and expands our utilization of urban areas. Moreover, the city looks entirely different when viewed from the water, providing an opportunity to explore familiar surroundings from a fresh perspective.

What, in your opinion, makes Copenhagen a distinct and remarkable place for urban dipping?

The remarkable aspect of urban dipping in Copenhagen is its accessibility and the cleanliness of the water. You can do it practically anywhere! Even though it is no longer permitted everywhere, there are numerous canals and harbors in the city, ensuring that you can reach the water within a short 10-minute bike ride from almost any location. And there is a new vibe at every place, from Christianshavn to Ofelia to La Banchina. Whichever vibe you’re looking for, there’s a dipping place for you. 

Could you share some of your favorite spots in Copenhagen for eating, drinking, and enjoying a dip?

My preferred spot depends on my mood. After a day of work, I'll shoot over to my local place, Nordhavn, to relax with a book and take a dip. I usually choose the quieter end of the area and enjoy sitting there until it starts getting cooler. If I'm in the mood to socialize and add a touch of excitement to my day, La Banchina is my jam.

How would you describe your perfect afternoon by the waterfront?

A perfect afternoon by the waterfront requires warm weather. I might bring a small grill to barbecue some food while enjoying a beer with friends or my girlfriend (when I have one). As the temperature drops, I would put on a shirt and simply absorb the ambiance, vibing with people until the sun sets.

Is there a city in the world where you dream of experiencing urban dipping?

Since I love urban dipping in Copenhagen, so I think I would love to do the quadruple, and tick off Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

Finally, what advice would you offer to men who are hesitant to wear speedos?

I used to have my reservations about wearing speedos, but everything changed once I tried them on. It's hard to put into words, but there's a certain confidence and empowerment that comes with wearing them. It took me by surprise, and now I can't imagine wearing anything else during the summer. My advice to hesitant men would be to give it a try and embrace the experience. You might discover a newfound sense of self-assurance and liberation.

Jun 16, 20230 commentsMikkel Bechshøft