Pond Stories is a short interview format featuring true city dippers sharing their love, passion and dip-tips for getting in that harbour. No matter the season or weather.

It is a pleasure to welcome Pond friend Lasse Lund, film director, swim brief aficionado and true all year round city dipper for this first edition.

Why did you start winter bathing?
It all started because of my girlfriend and her cold shower morning ritual. She then led me on to find Wim Hof - and that's when I really started taking winter bathing seriously. 

I've always liked extreme conditions, but never liked freezing. I adjusted my body to accepting the cold water by taking a 10 sec cold shower each morning gradually extending to one minute. 

When you start to actually enjoy the cold showers then you are ready to fully enjoy winter bathing in the harbour. 

At least, that's how I did and now, for the first time in my life, I feel like temperatures around zero degrees is great weather.

How does it feel to glide into ice freezing water?
It feels terrifying, but somehow calming, at first and amazingly powerful afterwards.

What is your dipping routine?
Jump, relax, breathe, find peace (being in the water of course). I try to get in the harbour every day to keep my body in the routine. Usually with a friend or two because winterbathing is also a great way to strengthen a friendship.

Why do you prefer swim briefs when you dip?
It's so much lighter and easier to move around in briefs. Loose fitting swimwear doesn't make me feel truly free the way swimming - and swimwear - should.That's why I prefer briefs with a great fit.

Who are you inspired by to keep up your overall wellbeing?
@iceman_hof @sarabro @kallontraining

Can you share a dip-tip to Copenhagen harbour?
Every friday morning there's a free-dancing group of happy people in front of Skuespilhuset, which makes morning dips on fridays at Ofelia a lot of fun.

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