A Style Guide to Swimwear for Urban Dipping

Dec 10, 2023Mikkel Bechshøft
A Style Guide to Swimwear for Urban Dipping

Copenhagen's urban dipping culture is not just about the refreshing embrace of harbor waters; it's a lifestyle, a statement of leisure and connection with the city's unique urban landscape. At the heart of this experience is the swimwear you choose - a crucial element that combines functionality, style, and personal expression.

You've probably noticed the resurgence of the speedo in the men's fashion scene. It's not just a comeback; it's a style revolution. Whether you're diving into the speedo trend for the first time or adding a fresh piece to your collection, let's break down the essentials: cut, style, color, and fabric. Get ready to find your perfect swimwear match!

Understanding Body Types and Swimwear Styles

1. Athletic and/or Solid Build: The Classic Cut for a Sleek and Dynamic Look

If you have a well-defined, muscular build, swimwear that complements your physique without overwhelming it is key. Opt for a fitted trunk or a brief-style swimwear that accentuates your toned body. To add a dynamic edge to your urban dipping experience, look for styles with striking colors.

Starting off with the basics, the classic cut swim brief is a must-have for your swimwear wardrobe. It's the gold standard for those dipping their toes into the world of speedos. Enter the POND1 Essential – your go-to option for a sleek, comfortable fit. Its 3.5” / 9-centimeter side panels are a perfect match for all body types, hugging the hips just right.

When it comes to materials, choose between polyamide for that soft, matte elegance or polyester for a sporty, quick-dry feel. For POND1 Essential we chose polyamide for a premium feel and high endurance.

2. Lean and Tall: The Square Cut for Proportion and Style

If you have a leaner, taller frame, swimwear that adds a sense of proportion and style to your physique is the way to go.

Remember when Daniel Craig made a splash in those square cut briefs? Well, it's not just reserved for Bond-esque bods. The square cut swimwear is a fantastic middle ground that offers the freedom and comfort of brief-style swimwear, while providing a tad more coverage.

This style is ideal for taller guys or those who enjoy a good lap in the pool. Look no further than the POND2 Square - your hybrid hero for both open water pool training and laid-back lounging. Crafted with a medium rise and 6.3” / 16-centimeter sides, it offers that extra bit of style and coverage to enhance your urban dipping experience.

3. Shorter Stature: The Racer Cut for an elongated frame

If you're on the shorter side, look for swimwear that elongates your frame. Shorter trunks that sit higher on the thigh can create the illusion of longer legs. Solid colors with minimal detailing can enhance this effect.

That's where the POND3 Racer comes in – it's not just for racing against the clock. This high-cut swim brief is a statement piece, perfect for soaking up the sun or racing in the pool. It's a fantastic pick for the shorter gents, offering a lengthening illusion with its 2.4” / 6-centimer side panels. Plus, as the only low-rise option in the collection, it stands out as a choice for the confident urban dipper or the beach enthusiast.

Not ready for a speedo? Opt for versatile shorts

Whether you’re not quite ready for swim briefs or you’re looking for a versatile piece to include in your swimwear wardrobe, a trusty pair of shorts can go a long way. You can wear them as you go about your day–road running, urban trekking–and when you’re ready for a quick dip you can jump straight into the water.

When selecting a pair of swim trunks, it’s smart to be discerning of color, fit, and cut. Long and baggy board shorts are a hard sell for anybody who’s not trying to look like they’re stuck in the aughts. A fitted suit cut above the knee can be a good match for guys with slim legs, while a shorter and looser pair (like retro running shorts) can be a stylish and breathable fit for bigger guys.  

With more fabric to air out than a pair of swim briefs, shorts typically take longer to dry, so polyester blends help form match function if you plan to go from the water and then into the city.

If you’re comparing shorts, you’ll want to pay attention to flies and liners. A velcro fly can sometimes chafe. If you tie your fly, look for a size that allows you to comfortably knot your shorts without pinching skin above the waistband.

In terms of liners, you should assess the fit and purpose of your suit. Do you want built-in support, or will you be wearing something underneath your suit?

POND4 Hybrid Shorts comes with a one-of-a-kind removable mesh liner, so you can wear the shorts over a pair of swim briefs, or go with the extra support from the liner based on the day ahead. They also have a zipper pocket for stowing your phone or keys: just make sure to empty your pockets before jumping in!

Design and fabrics for performance, looks, or both?

Whether you’re looking at swim briefs or shorts, you’ll want to consider fabric, color, and patterns. Super glossy fabrics feel oriented to lap swimmers, slick and shiny for Olympic speed. For lounging on the beach or going for a sauna and cold plunge, matte fabrics are more comfortable and wear well across uses.  

Loud patterns can be a fun way to express yourself, but they’ll also draw a lot of attention, whereas more muted colors and patterns sit more easily as part of the whole. The general adage holds as well–darker colors tend to have a slimming effect whereas the bright and bold variety will add bulk to your frame.    

When shopping for swimwear, be sure to consider the types of fibers used in the fabric. Most often, swimwear is made with either a nylon-based polyester or polyamide mix, often combined with elastane for stretchability. Polyester offers a shiny, quick-drying effect, while polyamide provides a luxurious, soft feel but takes longer to dry.

Note that elastane may slowly lose its stretch with time and wear, so make sure to rinse your swimwear thoroughly after each use and hang it to dry in order to prolong its lifespan. Consider opting for a fabric free of elastane if you're a serious lap swimmer.

Additionally, check that the fabric is made with recycled fibers and meets certifications like OEKOTEX, GOTS, ISO or EU Higgs Index to minimise your impact.

In the end: Choose and wear what you like!

Finding the perfect swimwear for your urban dipping adventure is all about what feels good on your body and what fits your personal style. We love the swim brief style here at Pond and believe there's a great-fitting speedo option out there for everyone. Remember, the most important thing is to get out in the water and feel good - so pick a swimwear style that allows you to do just that. See you in the pond!

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