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Pond1 Eco Swim Brief Flaming Red

Regular priceDKK 595,00 Sale price

Pond1 Eco Swim Brief Flaming Red

Regular priceDKK 595,00 Sale price
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The new essential Swim Brief for everything water. Designed in Copenhagen by true water lovers. Featured in Nordic fashion magazines Euroman, Dossier and by Rich & Hanc Agency.

Expertly crafted in Europe from premium Italian eco-friendly Q-NOVA® fibers. 45% lower climate footprint than virgin nylon.

  • Medium sides and full back (covers what should be ;)
  • Flat front with no seams (no need to show off, right?)
  • Strong side loop (for whatever) 
  • Durable authentic Paracord 425 Type II drawcord
  • Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Crafted in Europe.

      9 cm side width. Medium cut leg. (M)
      Sweat, sun cream & chlorine resistant
      UPF+50 UV protection
      Eco-friendly Q-NOVA® fibres (80%) & elastane (20%)

      Pond1 is the essential speedo for everything water. Pond1 will make you feel free, confident and adventurous being in or near water.

      The Pond1 swim trunk sports a perfect fit that covers what should be. 9 cm. side width and full back coverage make Pond1 your ideal companion for water sports, casual dipping, winter bathing, sweating in the sauna or just chilling in the sun. Pond1 budgie smugglers (Aussie slang, btw) are chlorine and sun cream resistant.

      And don't worry about showing off too much. Though we know, you will get a glance or two ;). Pond1 speedos feature a no seams flat front and double front fabric that downtones your profile. And UPF+50 UV protection takes care of your valuables.

      We expertly craft Pond1 swim briefs from premium Italian Q-NOVA® tech fabric. The eco-friendly fabric is made with a 45% lower climate impact than virgin nylon. Our fabric has a matte look, is durable and feels soft on the body.

      The Pond Copenhagen mission is to make the best functional and responsible swimwear and accessories for men. Pond1 is one small step for mankind. But a giant leap for man.

      Happy dipping!

      ・EU Ecolabel (fiber)
      ・Global Recycling Standard (fabric)
      ・OEKO-TEX, no toxic dyes (fabric)

      Size matters. Go larger if in doubt. Pond1 should not fit too tight. Soccer- thighs or larger bum? Go one size up.

      ・Small: 30-32 (US jeans size)
      ・Medium: 32-33 (US jeans size)
      ・Large: 33-34 (US jeans size)
      ・X-Large: 34-35 (US jeans size)

      Pond1 swim briefs are made for dipping. Not machine washing. If you need to clean your swim briefs we suggest an extra dip.

      If that doesn’t cut it then please consider using af Guppyfriend (or the like) to avoid the release of micro plastics when machine washing.

      Always wash at the lowest possible temperature. NEVER tumble dry unless you like a very tight fit…

      Essential features with 💙 from Copenhagen

      Perfect fit

      Perfect fit

      Wide sides and flat front covers what should be ;)

      Side loop

      Side loop

      For whatever

      Paracord drawstring

      Paracord drawstring

      Keeps everything in place!

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