Anders' aquatic life began when he was five years old. He started swimming with some friends even though he had a fear of water. But after a few years, the fear was gone and a deep love had formed instead. Anders enjoyed spending time in the water, and with an evident swim talent, he ended up on the local competitive swim team. He competed for years in the danish national league before retiring from pro swimming.

Free therapy

For Anders, being in the water is like therapy. To feel the waves, the forces in the water, the quietness. Every chance he gets, he spends time in the water - whether it's swimming, surfing, or SUP'ing. Free therapy for mind and body.

The birth of Pond Copenhagen

With his background in pro swimming, Anders is used to wearing swim briefs. He prefers the feeling of freedom and ease of movement when wearing briefs compared to long, loose shorts.

But finding comfy, functional and flattering swim briefs for everyday dipping wasn't easy. The swimsuits on the market seemed either too performance-minded, too raunchy or too ill-fitting. 

Together with his long-standing friend Mikkel (our sEcond founder), Anders sat out to design the ultimate essential swim brief for everything water. With a strong focus on function, aesthetics and Eco-friendliness. And like that, Pond Copenhagen was born.

Anders' prefer his Pond1 swim briefs in black. Buy your pair here.