Mikkel has been searching for men's swimwear offering a comfortable and flattering fit without the excess fabric of long board shorts for years. But what he found was either too revealing, too poor quality or not very functional. So there was only one way - designing the swimwear himself. That led to the founding of Pond Copenhagen.

A profound love of water

The passion for starting Pond Copenhagen comes from a deep love for everything about being in or near water. For Mikkel, water calms. Water excites. Water contains mysteries. Water is adventure and freedom. Mikkel have had a go at scuba diving, free diving, SUP'ing, and is also a certified life saver and surf boat rower from the land of the speedo, Australia.

Two worlds connecting

Mikkel's favourite aquatic moment is jumping in the water and getting his whole body below the surface. "Sounds mute, a rush of blood shoots through my veins, and everything gets dark, it's a little scary, and then, almost instantly, you pop up above the surface again. Two worlds connected yet so different", he says.

Pond1 as undies 

"We spend a year designing what we believe is the ultimate, essential swim brief; Pond1. Pond1 combines functional design and features with a great fit and premium, Eco-friendly fabric. Pond1 is suitable for every kind of water activity - from open water swimming, to SUP'ing and high diving. And they are even super comfy as underwear. I feel we have succeeded in creating a swim brief that meets all the things I was missing myself.", says Mikkel before heading out for his everyday dip.

Mikkel prefers his Pond1 swim brief in blue. Buy your pair here.